"service unsupported-transceiver" 
Yay to Cisco for supporting non-Cisco optics in SOME versions of IOS on SOME of their hardware. You have to use some undocumented commands to override the default, which doesn't allow 3rd party optics, and you have to view a disclaimer when you enter the commands, but that's entirely reasonable.

This after a co-worker wasted the better part of a day trying to get a 3rd party SFP to work in an HP Procurve. He should have tested first, but the HP equipment was chosen for us by a vendor installing a turnkey package. (or is that "turkey" package?)

FWIW, Junipers don't do any of this stupidity. Of course, they will deny support to 3rd party optics, but the first thing support will ask you for is the hardware config, and the 3rd party optics show up clearly:

Juniper -> Xcvr 3 REV 01 740-011613 AM0821S9YEJ SFP-SX
Junk? -> Xcvr 0 NON-JNPR P821YQL SFP-SX

A lot of 3rd party optics are junk, especially the ones for sale on EBay for 1/10 the price of a legit one. But (just as an example) we've never had a lick of trouble with Fluxlights. They support DoM, cost a tad less than Juniper modules, and are half the price of a Cisco-branded module. Generally, you get what you pay for.

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