New Monitor, Old Eyes, Linux Fonts 
The venerable 1280x1024 flat panel I've had for 11 years finally died on Sunday night so I had to run out to Best Buy and settle for what they had in stock. I ended up with an LG "Flatiron" E2241 (21.5", 1900x1080, 100dpi) for now (the IPS panels were way too expensive), which is your basic consumer model. It's still a TN panel, and the gamma is quite nonlinear, so my photos look like poo, but it's fine for office use.

The increase from 95 to 100 dpi makes quite a difference (I probably should have bought the 23-inch model; same price). Either:

- Linux fonts still suck
- My eyes are getting old

I vote for a combination theory - Linux fonts are developed by young whippersnappers with perfect vision. We need more geezers designing fonts.

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